To be a genius is not just to possess great intelligence, but also to possess innovative imagination.


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With all these academic projects, activities and classes coming up, me and my classmates barely have a chance to adduce our appreciative gratitude to our teachers here in Xavier School. Although some of us feel that some of our teachers are too strict, they just want to groom us into the gentlemen that we as well as our parents and teachers envision for us. Albeit this day is mostly for our teachers, we also show our commemorational encomium to our beloved school keepers such as the guards, the janitors, the cafeteria workers and last but not least, the people who helped build our schools and all schools. For all the times I have (deliberately or inadvertently) disrespected my pedagogues, I am so, so guilty thinking of them and I wish for my teacher’s forgiveness. I wish to make the most of this special day to make my teachers feel how much I appreciate them. So, the next time you go to school, be the best person you can be and show your teacher how essential she/he is in your young life.Mocomi_Wallpapers_TeacherDay_04

Buwan ng Wika 2013 9|5|13

Hey guys! Right now me and all the people in my school are celebrating the month that we celebrate our beloved language, Buwan ng Wika! Buwan ng Wika usually starts around August and ends near the Mid-September time. Today I was watching some Grade 5 boys singing in Filipino for a Karaoke Battle and Yesterday I saw some younger kids joining Pinoy Henyo, where a person sits on a chair and tries to guess a certain word and has to ask for clues in Filipino, not in English nor for any other language for that matter. I categorically believe that you should try celebrating a similar occasion as I do with mine.

Guten tag, kollegen philosophen!

Hello, welcome to my blog! Here in my blog, I encourage the use of imagination and sharing of knowledge of anything. Although this website is mostly for educational purposes only, I allow you to do anything else WITHOUT the use of bad words, weird and gross ideas and other negative actions. I hope you make yourselves at home! Auf Wiendersehen! Danke fur ihre zeit!

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Imagination is Innovation, spread the word of ingenuity and you shall be made a philosopher.

To be a genius is not just to possess great intelligence, but also to possess innovative imagination.


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Imagination, the perfect form of escapism.

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